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Experience top-notch electric care for your Parma Heights home or business with Tri-County Electric.

Our licensed electricians are dedicated to ensuring your space operates at its peak performance level. We specialize in diagnosing, repairing, and installing electrical systems for Parma Heights, providing you with energy-efficient and secure solutions.

24-Hour Service for Your Peace of Mind
Tri-County Electric is committed to keeping you out of the dark with our 24-hour service. Our friendly electricians are always ready to assist, offering professional recommendations to brighten up your life and ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Enhance Your Electrical Systems
Let our experienced team help purify the air in your Parma Heights home or business. Prevent mold and mildew by trusting the professionals at Tri-County Electric. Our service technicians can expertly install exhaust fans, keeping your space damage-free and smelling fresh.

Safety, Security, and Specialty Lighting
Tri-County Electric prioritizes your safety and security. We can install tamper-resistant and childproof outlets, ensuring the protection of your little ones. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge wireless lighting controls, allowing you to control your lights, including outdoor and holiday lights, with ease. These controls are not only convenient but also energy-efficient, making your Parma Heights home or office more eco-friendly. Trust Tri-County Electric to illuminate your future today!


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